Countering Al Qaeda-Inspired Violent Extremism

In response to the recent murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, Paul Bell comments on the individual psychopathology of violent extremism and alternative ways to address it that do not breed the Islamist narrative of domestic exclusion and war against religion. The counter-narrative, part of a larger comprehensive communications strategy, needs to frame violent extremism as a largely psychological phenomenon – framed as the innate human weakness that it represents, as opposed to the mythological ‘strength’ ascribed to it by extremists — and to distance it as far possible from the political and religious ground on which Al Qaeda stakes out its emotional turf for potential recruits.

Click here to read Countering AlQaeda Inspired Violent Extremism Albany Associates May 2013 by Paul Bell.

4 Responses to Countering Al Qaeda-Inspired Violent Extremism

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  2. Abdul Malik says:

    Well said. Excellent!!!

  3. Yusuf Abubakar says:

    I honestly do not understand why people have go to the extreme in the name of religion to make a point. When I look at the acts from fellow Muslims, I wonder if I practice the same religion with these people. The Quran is very clear concerning everything, how we should relate with people of other religion, our families, business, socialization among others. The jihad I think should be directed at Muslims. We need to understand our religion and be the agents of change. At the same time, the United States should realize that they inspire injustices across the world which form the platform for some presumed helpless people use to justify their acts of terrorism.

  4. David Maglakelidze says:

    Terrorism should be condemned in all of the world. we have to confront terrorism, this is a challenge of 21 century for us.

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