Albany has developed a reputation for providing first-class training programmes that cover all aspects of communications, allowing our clients to develop their own in-house capabilities. Albany’s Academy provides bespoke training in a wide range of areas, from media development to public affairs and journalism. Our flagship programmes are the Masterclasses in Comprehensive Communications and Broadcast Regulation which provide a formidable depth of understanding through a highly interactive environment that makes use of complex and developing scenarios to offer the most rigorous challenges. All of Albany’s training is carried out by experts in their field and is highly researched and developed through comprehensive curricula and detailed training needs analyses. It enables transparent, accountable and effective communications practices, policies and programmes, from the strategic to the grassroots levels.

Albany Academy’s brochure for our modular comprehensive communication training for development, diplomacy and defence can be found below. (Flash Player required, or download from link below)

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Albany Modular Training Brochure (Downloadable version)

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