Enhancing Media Coverage of Elections

Albany works to better equip local media and regulatory bodies to cover elections, focusing on countries in transition with elections.  Our unique approach includes:

• Reviewing and commenting on the legal regulatory framework related to elections, including laws and regulations concerning electoral commissions, media regulatory bodies and press self-regulatory bodies.
• Working closely with any elections commission and media outlets to develop standards for media during elections embodied in a code of conduct. Such standards include commitments to provide accurate, fair, balanced and equitable reporting.
• Providing training of journalists on the legal framework relating to elections and best practice for election reporting well in advance of election day.
• Developing media monitors to report on compliance with elections standards.
• Working with regulators charged with enforcing media standards to encourage fair, transparent and responsive practice.
• Providing training and mentoring of key elections officials to encourage accuracy, transparency and consistency when dealing with the media and to provide access to information in line with international standards.
• Organising public information campaigns to provide voters with accurate and timely information about the issues and how to hold journalists accountable before, during and after election day.

More details about our previous work in this area can be found in this document: Enhancing Media Coverage of Elections 2014

If you are a journalist, media organisation, media regulatory body or lawmaker  interested in preparing your country’s media sector for upcoming elections, please get in touch with anna@albanyassociates.com.


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