Digital Media Regulation Masterclass

The Digital Media Regulation Masterclass (DMRMC) is offered in-house to¬†broadcast and telecommunication regulators, media policymakers, broadcast media and telecommunications practitioners and lawyers, as well as for those who study broadcast media and media regulation. ¬†We customise the course to suit your organisation’s needs and requests while sharing international best standards and unparalleled experience from the field.

During the DMRMC, participants will interact to solve regulation, policy and development issues through practical exercises over two and a half days. Albany’s team of expert presenters from the field will share insight about traditional principles of broadcast regulation and policy, but there will be an emphasis on emerging issues such as convergence, Internet regulation, online intellectual property rights and digital switchover. Speakers offer global perspective from experiences around the world, including Iraq, Bosnia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and United Arab Emirates.

Topics covered include:

*Internet regulation
*Net Neutrality
*Interconnection and Access
*Universal Service Obligation
*Regulation of public and private broadcasting
*Broadband and spectrum policies
*Markets and economic regulation

Previous trainings have taken place in the UAE, Rwanda, Iraq, Kosovo, Jordan and the United Kingdom.

For the programme of a previous Masterclass in Cambridge UK click here.

For information on the programme, speakers, or to book the course for your organisation please contact

The delegates from Media and Communication Regulation Masterclass 2012 in Cambridge, UK.

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