Who Would Benefit from the DMRMC

  •     Management and staff of broadcasting or telecommunications regulatory authorities
  •     Management and staff of elections commissions
  •     Members and staff of converged communications regulatory authorities
  •     Staff working in ministries and government departments associated with media regulatory policy
  •     Staff working in public and private broadcasting organisations
  •     Students and academics studying broadcasting or media regulation

Delegates at the previous regulation masterclasses represented the following organisations:

  •     Communications and Media Commission, Iraq
  •     Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel et de la Communication, Democratic Republic of Congo
  •     Broadcasting Commission, Jamaica
  •     Vodafone Fiji Ltd
  •     Internews, Democratic Republic of Congo
  •     Ministry of Information and Culture, Afghanistan
  •     Ministry of Information, Posts and Telecommunications, Somalia
  •     Somali National Television
  •     UNESCO, Iraq
  •     Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda
  •     Independent Media Commission, Kosovo
  •     OSCE, Kosovo
  •     National Communications Authority, Ghana
  •     Govt. Department of Telecommunications, Bermuda
  •     Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority
  •     Media High Council, Rwanda
  •     APEK, Slovenia
  •     Media Development Authority of Singapore
  •     National Broadcating Commission, Nigeria
  •     National Communications Secretariat, Kenya
  •     Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority
  •     The Office of the National Telecommunications Commission, Thailand
  •     Radio Nawa, Iraq
  •     Sumarriya Television, Iraq
  •     Malawi Broadcasting Corporation
  •     Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
  •     Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs  and Telecommunications Sector for Electronic Communications and Post, Montenegro

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  1. Assadullah Ahmedzai says:

    Iam interested to participate and talk and discuss the policy making part of the master class

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